Dolphin Fish Competition Gold Coast Game Fish Club

Bi-Monthly Species Competition

Hello all members. The species for the bi monthly species competition has now changed to Dolphin Fish. The prize is a $1,200 voucher from Doug Burt’s Tackle World.  

The rules are as follows:   

Longest dolphin fish wins.  You have until the end of November to enter. 

  • Fish has to be measured and photographed on one of our Marlin Mats. 
  • Photo needs to be posted on our Facebook pages. 
  • You must be a current financial member of the Club. 
  • It must be caught in local waters.   
  • You must be present at the December monthly meeting to accept the voucher.

Order your Marlin Mat

If you don’t have a Marlin Mat they are $60 to members and $70 to non members.   
Please email if you would like a Marlin Mat.

Juniors Bi Monthly Competition

We are also running in conjunction a Junior Bi Monthly competition. The species will be the same as for the Senior members ie. Dolphin Fish.  The Junior will win $100 worth of product from Doug Burt’s Tackle World. The Junior does not need to be present at the monthly meeting. If no Dolphin Fish have been caught the Junior who has posted a a photo of any species of fish caught during October and November will be eligible. (Committee’s decision on winning photo). The winner will also be announced at our December meeting.  

For more information please refer to the Fishing Rules Page where the complete rules are available.

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