Gold Coast Game Fish Club


Gold Coast Game Fish Club Inc was established in 1970.  The club is an active affiliate of the Queensland Game Fishing Association, Game Fishing Association of Australia and the International Game Fish Association.  

Our club is a leader in tournament game fishing in Queensland.  With three events each year, the club prides itself on high participation rates and a friendly and welcoming calendar of events.

Queensland boasts some of the best game fishing waters in the world and this includes the waters off the Gold Coast.  Gold Coast anglers are very privileged for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that they have ready access to billfish all year round, including arguably one of the best blue and juvenile black marlin fisheries in the world.  Apart from billfish, there is a myriad of other game fish species on our doorstep.

Through the membership programs and tournaments of the Gold Coast Game Fish Club Inc. anglers and tourists from around Australia are attracted to the Gold Coast to fish and compete in the club’s activities.

Gold Coast Game Fish Club Inc

  • Advocates and promotes sustainable fishing through conservation, education and collaboration with like minded organisations including IGFA, GFAA, QGFA & NSW DPI
  • Is a strong supporter and participant in ongoing tag-and-release programs by providing the  NSW DPI with valuable tracking data.
  • Encourages the study of game fish angling, related species and the habitat requirements of those species and assists in the maintenance of the ecological balance of Gold Coast Waters.
  • Conserves the game fish and food fish resources of the Gold Coast waters for the recreational and economic use of present and future generations.
  • Represents the interests of recreational and game fish anglers on the Gold Coast.