Club Rules

Gold Coast Game Fish Club Inc Club Rules


1. Rules & Equipment:  In accordance with GFAA rules as per current annual handbook.  Anglers must ensure to the best of their ability that the line class they use will break at no more than the line class they are claiming.

2. Fishing Year:  01 July to 30 June

3. Weighing:  Fish should be weighed on the day of capture where possible. To obtain capture points in the Club’s Annual Point Score fish weighed must be done on certified scales.  Record claims also need to be weighed on certified scales.  Fish must exceed line class to be eligible for points if weighed.

4. Carcasses:  It is the responsibility of the point-scoring angler to dispose of his/her carcasses outside of the Seaway ASAP after weighing.  The carcass should be kept out of sight until disposed of.  Failure to do so may result in a point’s disqualification.

5. Club Angler Points Eligibility:  Any angler who is a financial fishing member or lift member of the club at the time of the fish’s capture. Social Club members are not eligible to accrue angler points.

6. Boat Points:  Boat points can be earned by;

  • 6.1 Those eligible for Club Points as per Rule five (5) of the GCGFC Inc. Fishing Rules.
  • 6.2 Visiting members from other GFAA affiliated clubs.
  • 6.3 Any person that is not a member of a GFAA affiliated club may only contribute to boat points for the first scoring fish per season and for one boat only.  This rule applies to Social Club members also.

If a vessel is replaced mid-season boat points can be transferred to the new vessel only after a written application is approved by the committee.  Boat points only go to boats owned by members.

7. Activity Sheets & Tag Cards:  Must be handed to the Club recorder by the 15th day of the month following capture/tag. Original tag cards must accompany capture certificates/activity sheets to be eligible for Club Points and all must be submitted and filled in correctly.  Points will not be applied if Tag Card is handed in without a completed Activity Sheet. 

8. Protests:  Must be made in writing and handed to a member of the club game fish committee.  Note that the decision of the committee is final.

9. Safety:  ALL boats should comply with QLD Transport requirements if fishing offshore should be fitted with 27 meg, VHF or HF radios as range necessitates.  When leaving the Seaway all boats should log on with the Seaway Tower VMR414 or Coast Guard Southport if departing outside Seaway Towers operating hours.