Latest Rule Change Gold Coast Game Fish Club

Latest Rule Change

Clarification to Angling Rule No. 1.  09/06/2018

GFAA Rules committee.

Below is the result of deliberations of the GFAA Executive at its meeting on Saturday, 26th May, 2018 concerning Rules Item 1 which can be found on page 63 of the 2018 GFAA Journal.


If the mate is letting out the bait or lure and the reel is in free spool, the rod can be put in the cover board. The situation is legal. Under no circumstances can any drag be put on the reel or the rod be handed to another person. The rationale is that the hook has not been set with the reel out of gear. When retrieving a bait or lure the fish would be disqualified immediately if the rod is put back into the cover board or transferred to another person as the reel is in gear and the hook has been set.

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