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Latest Rule Change Gold Coast Game Fish Club

Latest Rule Change

Clarification to Angling Rule No. 1.  09/06/2018

GFAA Rules committee.

Below is the result of deliberations of the GFAA Executive at its meeting on Saturday, 26th May, 2018 concerning Rules Item 1 which can be found on page 63 of the 2018 GFAA Journal.

Doug Burts Tackle World

Bi-Monthly Species Competition

Hello all members. The species for the Bi Monthly Species competition starting 9th November 2021 is ALL Billfish.  It is random tag draw awarded to the boat.  The winner will be announced at our January meeting and must be present to collect the prize.  The prize is a $900 voucher from Doug Burt’s Tackle World (jackpot from last month).